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Mana up to full between hunter pulls as you'll be doing the hunter and the pet who are both the same level around 53 or 54, I think. Medics aren't bad. Trickier to pull single so be careful not to get aggro from the nearby hunters or invokers. The invokers are a real pain in the Remember to use "silence" when the medic starts to cast a heal or you'll be in for a long fight. All in all, a very doable quest at level 55 if you find yourself without a tanking partner or simply prefer to solo it. Comment by Allakhazam 50, 44 is perfect for hunters and medics.

Comment by Allakhazam Ok, the medics and hunters you can find at the little scarlet camp between the first two farms north of the road. It's the same camp you burn down for a bulwark quest. Knights can be found further to the east, head north along the road that leads towards heathglen sp? The scarlets here come in groups, bunches of knights with mages scattered through standing around barricades on the road, the further north toward heathglen you go the more avengers and spellbinders get mixed in. Hope this helps:. Comment by Allakhazam Hunters at 41, Comment by Allakhazam Kirsta Deepshadow - located at 51, Comment by Allakhazam how about some directions for those of us that dont have the coord add ons.

Unfinished Business review – indifferent post-Horrible Bosses corporate comedy

Comment by Allakhazam Is this quest broken? I couldn't find any mages, only invokers, and killing them doesn't finish the quest. Comment by Allakhazam Hunters at 50, Edited, Mar 14th pm by levelthirty. Comment by Allakhazam The mages are along the road to Hearthglaen. I think the spawn randomly as knights mages invokers etc Comment by Allakhazam Wait till the group of 4 and the dog engage an undead, one shot the caster and FD.

Come back in 5 minutes to repeat and you're good.

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Comment by Allakhazam found hunters and medics at dalsons tears. Comment by Allakhazam It's bit unclear from the map, but the easier way to get to Kirsta is via Northridge Lumber Camp as opposed to via the road to Hearthenglen. I didn't realize this and ended up jumping off the cliff! Comment by Faxi The Mages are hard to find, but I found a camp where there are 2. On the way to hearthglen there is a passage to the right, they are up ahead on that road. Cheers - Legend, Firemaw. Unfinished Business.

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Are they stronger than you thought? I hope not. If I'm going to follow through here, then it's going to require a heck of a lot more strength than what I've already asked you to do. I'm amazed you dealt with them so quickly.

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Thank you. I have yet to meet anyone that approves of the Scarlet Crusade and their methods. I believe in the Light as much as anyone else in Stormwind, but they've demonstrated that they only want to kill anyone not loyal to their movement Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed.

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